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Drive-in cinema. Yearlong outdoor shows.
     We use the largest mobile screens in Poland (16m x 9m and 16m x 10m), movie and digital technology 35mm and hybrid sound system to prepare drive-in cinema shows. We use standard loudspeakers and radio transmition at the same time that makes it possible to listen to the sound in the car radio.

Summer and winter touring cinema. Yearlong events.
     We organize a touring cinema regardless of a season. We use pneumatic screens, movie technology 35 mm and digital technology and stereo sound system. Providing good conditions we are able to prepare equipment to a show in one hour.

Football, volleyball, F1, skijumping - live.
     We offer our service at sport events' projects: national teams' matches, club teams matches - live, concerts, multimedia presentations and others.

Equipment hiring.
     Independently of cooperation during shows, we offer equipment hiring. You can hire sound system, chairs, projectors and others.

Silent cinema, films with music live.
     Organization of film shows, i.a. silent films with music live. We provide full event organization: permissions, equipment, films, music, chairs, etc.

Karaoke - concerts. Computer games - shows, tounaments.

zoom      The next offer is a prezentation of karaoke concerts, computer games' shows and tournaments. We use two any projection sets and multimedia technology. The best computer games on a big screen!

3D cinema, three-dimensional cinema.
zoom offers also 3D film projections. Only need to wear special glasses (so called anaglypf glasses) and move to the unique, three-dimensional world of films, documentary programmes.

Beach cinema. Summer cinema on the beach at the seaside.
     We prepare the beach cinema using pneumatic screens. If the wind is strong, there is no health hazard of the audience, that exsists if we use steel or aluminium constructions, etc.

Kinoton and Ernemann - high quality guarantee.

zoom    We use professional film equipment 35 mm - Kinoton and Ernemann projectors. We use also multimedia projectors, sound processors and sound system. Only 35 mm projectors let us present you new releases and other cinema films!

Mini cinema.
    We prepared an offer especially for small events. Mini cinema is a mini screen along with sound system and DVD set. The equipment can be placed even in a small room. Mini cinema is an interesting offer for shows in schools, halls, common rooms. Number of the audience: 80 - 120 people.

Festivals and film reviews.

zoomOur firm cooperates at the organization of the largest film festivals, i.a. Era New Horizons in Wrocław, Summer Frames in Cieszyn, LAF in Zamość and others.  

Winter cinema, cinema on snow.

zoom Winter cinema in a december afternoon, a Christmas evening with a cup of mulled wine, hot meals at the marketplace? Why not?

We start winter cinema about 5 p.m.

Shows in halls and buildings.

zoomOur experience helps us to organize shows in buildings, like sports halls, industrial halls and other large halls.

Film mornings for kids and youth.

zoomWe organize film mornings for children and youth. We present the most popular cartoons from the last few years and full-lengh films. We offer film mornings as yearlong events.

Large screens in the advertising world.

zoomAdvertisement - we offer screens as outdoor advertisement carriers: billboard, mobile advertising wall, airboard, airframe, aircube, etc.

Camera show, montage and projection live.

zoom Implementation of concerts, sport and film events. Disc recording, live projections on large screens. Experienced operators and giant screens.
We recommend!

Outdoor cinema under stars.

zoomFilm picnics, outdoor summer cinema are the great entertainment for everyone. We will match film repertoires with occasion and audience's interests.

Retro cinema. In the old cinema.

zoomProjections of the film from the period of silent films and the beginning of sound films. Retro cinema these are also shows of high wheel bicycles, clothing from that age, live music and other attractions.

DJ. DJ night party, visualization.

zoom Visualizations, shows with music live. DJ programme - jazz, funky, outdoor clubbing, in a hall, docks, warehouse, hangar. Hip-hop, breakdance, funk styles, funky and new style.

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